Earth Protector®
  • Reported University of Minnesota Dr. Jack Mandel and Koch Refinery for lying and covering-up the true results of a Koch Refinery (now Flint Hills Resources) Health Risk Assessment. Koch Refinery is Minnesota's largest and dirtiest companies.
  • Stopped radioactive waste burning by the U of M at its St. Paul campus.
  • Forced Ford Motor, St. Paul, to reduce solvent emissions from its painting operation. The plant is now gone after one hundred years.
  • Prevented NSP (Excel) from burning PCB chemicals at High Bridge in St. Paul.
  • Forced City of Mankato to provide clean water for their LeHillier neighbors.
  • Stopped City of Otsego from building in the Wild and Scenic Rivers District.
  • Supporting the Money Plan to build and maintain modern roads and bridges.
  • Exposed Minnesota air pollution staff for lying about the Minneapolis garbage burner and
    forced staff Mike Valentine and David Bordson to quit, and Lou Chamberlin to retire.
  • Saved 600 white pine trees at Little Alfie in the Superior National Forest.
  • Helped Viking Gas reduce air emissions at its compressor stations.
  • Stopped medical waste and garbage burners in New Brighton, Winsted and Watkins.
  • Prevented garbage burner ash dumps in Mantorville, Hopkins and Medina.
  • Forced closure of the leaking BFI garbage dump in Eden Prairie.
  • Formed the "Coalition to Save the Sears Building" and saved the building.
  • Stopped Target from erecting Washington Monument scaffolding in Washburn Fair Oaks park.
  • TV reporting of health damage from high fructose corn syrup and wheat consumption.
  • Organizing the NO FLUORIDE campaign to stop the poisoning of public drinking waters.


"Ineffectual activism by national environmental groups, characterized
by alliances with corporate and government bureaucrats,
has allowed increased environmental degradation,
and alienated grassroots support."
Mark Dowie - Author